Eledon is dedicated to “One Transplant For Life” to significantly improve both the longevity of the organ and the overall health and quality of life for transplant recipients so that a donor’s greatest gift will keep on giving.

Our lead compound is tegoprubart, an anti-CD40L antibody with broad therapeutic potential to regulate the drivers that can lead to the immune system attacking and rejecting transplanted organs.

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Tegoprubart Clinical Development

Eledon has initiated a randomized Phase 2 trial comparing tegoprubart versus standard of care for the prevention of rejection in persons receiving a kidney transplant. The BESTOW trial is currently enrolling approximately 120 participants undergoing a kidney transplant. Learn more about the BESTOW clinical trial.

In parallel, Eledon is conducting an ongoing single-arm Phase 1b clinical trial of tegoprubart for the prevention of rejection in persons receiving a kidney transplant. Eledon is also currently evaluating tegoprubart’s potential in other types of organ transplantation, including liver transplantation and xenotransplantation.


“There has been little innovation in immunomodulatory therapy for organ transplants since the approval of tacrolimus 30 years ago. Organ transplant recipients deserve better. Targeting the CD40 Ligand pathway may provide significant advantages over current treatment options, including the ability to more effectively control immune response and increase transplant durability.”

D.A. Gros, MD


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