As a small company with large ambitions, we are driven by a high-performance, collaborative, accountable, and entrepreneurial work environment. We support each other and leverage our diverse experiences and talents to achieve extraordinary results.

We have crafted a corporate culture that challenges many long-held beliefs about “business as usual” by creating agile and creative approaches to solve complex problems. We never forget that we are working towards a common goal of helping the patients we serve live longer, healthier lives.

We’re not Small Biotech. We’re not Big Pharma. We are Patient Driven Science.

Every Eledon team member seeks to grow, develop, and overcome each challenge through a shared set of principles and core values that each of us practice and support.

Core Values













We seek to connect with patients to understand their journeys and their challenges, and we use those insights to best serve them, their families, and their care partners.

We are committed to pioneering novel therapies and advancing scientific knowledge to deliver better medical outcomes and wellbeing.

We encourage and empower each team member to take initiative, innovate, and work proactively to effect positive change.

We relentlessly pursue scientific breakthroughs in our quest to develop medicines that represent new standards in care.

We are bound together by a profound commitment to diversity, inclusion, mutual respect and improving the health of humanity.

We pride ourselves in our ability to move fast, adapt swiftly, seize opportunities, and bring hope to those who desperately need new and better treatment options.