Company Overview

We are focused, we are agile, we are driven, we do not cut corners, and we are guided by data and science. We are using this approach to develop and commercialize next generation anti-CD40 Ligand (CD40L) antibodies for patients in need of a potentially life-saving treatment. With tegoprubart as the cornerstone of our pipeline, Eledon is poised to leverage our expertise in both anti-CD40 Ligand biology and drug development to advance therapies seeking to help patients undergoing organ or cellular transplantation, as well as those living with autoimmune or neurodegenerative diseases, all of whom face limited options.

Advancing Best-in-Class CD40/CD40L Therapeutics

  • Focused
    Eledon has attracted a team of experts with a track record of successfully developing therapeutics and creating value, focused on one critical immunology target.
  • Well-validated biology 
    The CD40/CD40L pathway plays a key role in autoantibody and T cell mediated autoimmune diseases. Validation of CD40/CD40LG biology from preclinical studies combined with clinical data forms the bedrock of our efforts.
  • Optimized target
    Tegoprubart targets CD40L, not the CD40 receptor. Blocking CD40L inhibits both CD40 and CD11 costimulatory signaling pathways with the potential for better efficacy. Blocking CD40L also increases polarization of lymphocytes to Tregs, a specialized subpopulation of T cells that act to suppress immune response, thus creating a more tolerogenic environment and providing the potential for better efficacy.
  • Optimized antibody 
    Tegoprubart is designed to address safety concerns of first generation CD40/CD40L antibodies and is engineered to increase potency and half-life, compared to other approaches.